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Studio updates.



Tell me a bit about your business.

I make and sell mostly handmade functional work, like cups, mugs, bowls, plates. I make to order, I try to encourage people to give me commissions for dinnerware sets for friends who are getting married and stuff like that, but most of my sales come from the pottery sales at Union and art fairs. Since graduating from Union, I’ve been trying to grow the business and hopefully get it big enough to where I can eventually do that as my career.

How did you get into pottery?


I was a painting major when I came to Union and I thought that was what I wanted to do, but then I got to watch a potter that the ceramics department brought in for a two-day demonstration, and after watching him for two days, I decided that was a class I’d be interested in taking. After the first class, I decided it would be a good medium for me. In my senior show, I talked about how my family very much revolves around hospitality and having big dinners with family and everything, and so it was cool to be able to make the things around which those dinners happen. I decided that was a medium that really connects.

What is unique about your pottery?


I like to keep my forms simple and recognizable, so you’re not weirded out by anything, but allowing the fact that it was made out of clay, which was once soft and malleable, to show. So keeping it organic. . . . It’s a balance of wanting to make something that’s so very useful, and so, even if you’re not used to using handmade things, it works as well as the one you bought from Walmart, but you can also tell someone has touched it and shaped it and made it.

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Melinda Posey